About Us

Programs4Media (P4M) is focussed on acquiring and distributing high quality, star-driven commercial feature films for the territories of southern Central Europe (Romania, Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia).

With its local partners, P4M releases these films theatrically and on Home Entertainment formats (DVD and Bluray) before arranging mass distribution through digital platforms (VOD) and Television.

Upcoming Titles


Film Distribution

Programs4Media attend all the major film markets (Cannes, AFM and Berlin) and work throughout the year with top producers and distributors to acquire films which we believe will match the taste of the cinema-going audiences in our varied territories.


Programs4Media have worked as a sales agency since 2002. Its main focus of this activity has been its ten year relationship with 20th Century Fox as their agent in the company operates in all English-language sub-Saharan Africa with the exception of South Africa.


Programs4Media’s business has been founded in as much the area of programme barter as in straight cash sales. It is still today fully cognisant in the mechanics of such deals as well as the pitfalls to be avoided when constructing them.